Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

We offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans. Taking out a plan can reduce the worry and financial burden for your family, including traditional funerals, environmentally friendly funerals or direct cremations. You can fix our funeral director’s costs and make a contribution to third party costs which are outside of our control. Funeral plan funds are held securely and every penny is ring-fenced until the funeral service is required.

Benefits of our pre-paid funeral plans:

  • Reduce worry for loved ones
  • Make your funeral wishes known
  • Range of services and payment options
  • No medical forms to complete

If you have already purchased a pre-paid funeral plan and wish to transfer this to Rosedale, we would be happy to advise you about this.

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Crackdown on rogue pre-paid funeral sellers to stop the vulnerable being ripped off

A crackdown on “dishonest” pre-paid funeral plan providers has been announced by the Government – which is proposing bringing the sector under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We welcome the recent announcement of a HM Treasury consultation regarding the regulation of pre-paid funeral plans.

We have for some time expressed concerns over the sales tactics and financial security offered by some plan providers, and share the concerns published by Fairer Finance around high commissions that could encourage poor sales practices in a market that has a potentially more vulnerable target customer group, as well as a lack of regulation.

When funeral plans are arranged with the involvement of a funeral director and put in place with a reputable funeral plan provider they offer value for money and peace of mind. Customers take great comfort from knowing that their funeral arrangements are in place. However when they are arranged by following up direct mailings, cold calling or television advertising, without actually sitting down and going through the details with a qualified caring professional, they can often lead to misunderstanding and disappointment.

The plan provider that we work with Ecclesiastical Planning Services is one of the only plan providers to hold the full amount of the customer’s funeral pre-payment for the provision of the funeral and they use guaranteed whole of life policies to achieve this, ensuring funds are ring-fenced and secure until the time of the funeral.

It goes without saying that both Rosedale Funeral Home and Ecclesiastical Planning Services remain fully committed to financial probity and honest and ethical working practices.



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