The importance of bereavement support

Providing bereavement support - At A Loss

On the 26th January 2021 the number of Covid-19 related deaths in the UK sadly reached 100k and the following day Hugh Pym, Health Editor for BBC news, spoke to Rosedale Funeral Home’s Community Ambassador, Lucy Coote, about the importance of bereavement support.

Lucy is an Ambassador for At A Loss, a bereavement support charity which focuses on signposting the bereaved to local and national help. At A Loss have been warning of a ‘Tsunami of Grief’ throughout the pandemic and have set out a campaign, alongside the National Bereavement Alliance, to the Government called ‘A Nation In Mourning’. The campaign calls on the Government for funding to bereavement charities whose incomes have fallen during the pandemic, just as they are needed more than ever.

On top of the over 100k covid related deaths there are around 600k expected deaths in any year. Alongside restrictions, a lot of people have had their grieving complicated as they haven’t been able to have a support network around them like usual and that’s where bereavement support has become vital, now more than ever.

“Every funeral since the start of lockdown restrictions in March has been affected in some way by Covid.” Lucy told BBC News.

Lucy delivers bereavement training with Rosedale Training to buisnesses both in the funeral industry and out, including blue light services and those working in personnel roles. She is also involved in Rosedale’s bereavement support groups and knows first hand the importance of seeking help during grief.

“It’s an honour to be an At A Loss Ambassador. The bereavement support the charity offers is outstanding and I am very proud to fly the flag for such an incredible organisation with such fantastic resources for the bereaved.”

You can read Lucy’s full article here. More information on how to support the At A Loss campaign, A Nation in Mourning, can also be found here.